What We Do at Klima International

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a world where every person feels recognized, safe, and empowered to act in the face of climate change. We believe climate change is an opportunity for every rural and coastal community to recognize and rise up with their challenges. Klima empowers this growth in ways that we can measure, understand, and teach, developing equitable and flexible solutions hand-in-hand with local people.

Climate Resilience

We support communities with needs assessment, evaluation metrics, and implementation resilience plans for long-term community and environmental health. We do this with deep community engagement, utilizing surveys, interviews, and workshops to identify climate change solutions that also support a more equitable social and ecological system. Klima supports UNFCCC Green Climate Fund (GCF) programs with mitigation and adaptation projects to help countries shift to a low-emission and climate-resilient society.


We’ve created pop-up resilience schools that allow us to engage stakeholders with innovative and mobile “classrooms.” Bringing communities together for knowledge exchange across sectors and borders, we identify vulnerabilities while working to develop supportive relationships. We support key knowledge exchanges, opening new international routes of knowledge for communities that may feel isolated.

Climate Communication

We work with communities and organizations to identify and write grant applications, create multi-media content, and write technical reports that can be used to access financial and social supports and networks.

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