Climate Resilience Consulting

We support communities to assess, implement, and evaluate resilience for long-term community and environmental health.

Klima supports communities, organizations, and UNFCCC Green Climate Fund (GCF) programs with mitigation and adaptation projects to help communities and countries shift to a zero-emission and climate-resilient society.

Needs Assessment

Understanding resilience requires identification of the complex systems underpinning the ability of a community to cope with change. This understanding starts with stakeholder engagement in an iterative process of proven strategies of interviews and workshops. We specialize in working directly in communities to identify and coordinate stakeholders, build rapport, and develop lasting relationships throughout this process.

Implementation Support

Once we understand the coupled social and ecological systems impacting a community’s climate resilience, we work closely with stakeholders to develop community-driven strategies for long-term, flexible adaptation. We provide the frameworks and work with stakeholders to build decision matrices that guide management approaches that are both specific and scalable to the community’s changing needs.


Every project starts with baseline data collection to clearly show all stakeholders progress being made towards a shared vision. We engage with an entire community to capture an equitable assessment from multiple stakeholders. We examine climate hazards and vulnerabilities in a historical context, documenting the layers of influence that create rich and vibrant communities. This process often elucidates the common ground over issues of conflict, in addition to providing measurable goals and outcomes.

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