Resilience Education

Klima brings stakeholders together for knowledge exchange across sectors. We organize innovative workshops, trainings, and collaborations to support community climate resilience projects.

Pop-Up Resilience Schools

We provide methods, toolkits, and experiences to empower and engage community stakeholders to take strategic and measurable action. These "pop-up" schools are completely mobile and adaptable. They utilize needs assessment data directly from the community, providing insight into critical cultural and environmental contexts for people with different backgrounds, enabling collaboration for everyone to move projects forward.

Develop Relationships

Klima develops education partnerships that allow community members to understand successful projects and grow supportive relationships. Drawing from multiple disciplines, we use unique workshops, trainings, travel, and innovative forums for growth and transformation. These relationships can offer social, economic, and strategic support, and the channels developed by Klima can enable long term partnerships as community resilience evolves in a changing world.

Education Exchanges

We raise new international routes of knowledge sharing that gives grassroots efforts the power and confidence to make climate-related decisions, especially in areas of limited institutional or state support. Klima’s database of communities, organizations, and stakeholders serves communities interested in building partnerships and learning sustainability practices. We catalyze this database to serve rural and coastal communities ready for new movement, physically bringing leaders together to share needs and develop action plans.

Ready to take action?

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